Friday, March 20, 2009


in the aftermaths of what happened last week, whatever the outcomes you had i hope that everybody is content and accepting.

things happened for a reason and there is always a better outcome in the future as planned by the Almighty. bersabar dengan apa yang dirancang oleh Nya. one thing that is always with you guys all these time is doa. yours, your parents, your teachers...and everybody who loves you. dont feel that you have dissapointed anybody, all of us wish for you the best. and we know that you've done the best. it's when you dont try that you dissapoint people, but we know that you've done your best.

so right now, it's what you do with yourself. after this you will be in a world where results doesnt matter. everybody is an equal. but for you to excel and be successful, you have to stand out from the rest. what you do to achive that, is up to you. i hope you'll pick a good road, one that you're happy with..and will be happy with for the rest of your life, no regrets later on.

out-do what people expect of you. out-do yourself. afterall, you are your worst enemy.


Aizat said...

btol3...yg pnting skrang ialah mase depan! so kte planning jew future kte! bkn sebok2 pk mende yg dh lepas! btol x?

diyana anwar said...

isk isk.. ni miss faye kasik ke?? sedinyeee!! nak nangish!!! ;(