Saturday, October 24, 2009

Annual Dinner Diploma Investment Analysis UiTM Perlis. Tema Perkahwinan!

At first, (I gotta feeling...woohooooo!) I never thought it would be a night to remember since our performance from part 1 student was a whole disaster even the high novelty of the hall atmosphere would totally makes people believe that it was an actual wedding function! Besides, I don't even won the lucky draw! Anyhow, things started to get interesting when my friend was chosen as the bride and hot chicks keep on feeding me non-stop!
huahahahaha!!!! (that tonight gonna be a good night!!!)

From left: aiman, aizat, fareeza and someone from debate club which also our senior in Co-Exias

Fareeza (I'm not really sure if that's her real name!lol!) and our Ex-president a.k.a Syrek because he used to love all green outfit! :p

Yuzwan, Aiman and me with the October's birthday's chocolate cake from Asri.

In this picture, actually I told them to pose with the king and queen a.k.a the bride of the night, but apparently even the host(the girl) joining the other part 1 student blocking the pelamin back there! lol! :p

Well, here it is! Unbelievable huh? My very own pal won both of the king n queen of the night! Yuzwan and Fareeza. Even the other hot pretty senior (no offense to the Fara Feera and crony!) didn't get to win the place. haha :p

Thursday, October 22, 2009


oiytt2,,,hotni nih.nk tulis sikit la. alhamdullulah semlam ila baru habis exam final sem1 matrikulasi dan exam muet. memang perit selama 2 minggu tu. tak tahu nak cakap camne. one more things,paper exam susah giler2,ramai member dah wat preparation nak keluar dan plan nak keluar..termasuklah meong.huahuahua. ila tak tahu nak kata camne. coz memang susah nand unexpected,,,uuuuhhh...tapi,kalau exam kali nie tak boleh dapat 3.5 above,terpaksa wat kira2 balik laa..coz wil effect da 2nd sem punyer pointer. nyway..ramai2 kite doa rmai y succses,,salam