Sunday, January 11, 2009


i bet that some of you are kinda waiting for input from me. sorry that i was quiet from the beginning, bukan tak sudi...tak berkesempatan cuma.

anyway, i've started at the new college on the 2nd od Dec. there are no students yet. isya'allah they'll be coming in on the 10th february. everything is new obviously - so new in fact, habuk-habuk dan bau cat pun masih ada...bahkan pekerja buruh indon yang masih lagi menyelesaikan tugas-tugas lewat akhir yang masih belum selesai!

i'm not the warden (yet!), i hope that i wouldn't have to be...there will be a lot to be done here. the basic idea is that the students here will be conversant in both languages, and that speaking in english is a norm to them. i'm staying inside,...and my house is HUGE! (pics in a later entry - i forgot to bring with me my card reader), and since there is no furniture yet, it's even emptier! but you know what, if we want to to a class/homeroom reunion, the house is able to fit all of you guys - unlike the last apartment - all will have a room (or rooms) to sleep in and the hall fits the 28 of you. so...this is kinda an open invitation...

i have no internet access yet, so this is me at my parents's house. unlike when i was in lenggong, now i get to go home EVERY weekend - yiehaa!...if i choose to of course, haha!

oh well,...i hope that all of you is well...spending your holiday time wisely - working or studying, whatever you feel is necessary. but whatever it is i hope you are filling them by grabbing any opportunities to get all the experience you can get...and having the time of your life as you are doing them.

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