Monday, January 19, 2009


Do you ever feel like you missing something very deeply? I do feel it right now. I miss lots of thing! Islamic Victorious, My Happy Family, My friends and any element of life which can make me smile.I feel so sorry for my muslim relative at earth of arab as they suffering by the tortured of Israel and US. Somehow, I FEEL SO CONFUSED why all the Muslim PM not even show their effort to reunited on stopping the evil of Israel who pollute the dignity of not only the Muslim and Islam, but they don't even respect the society of the world as they murdered and blows old woman and kids and end with cheers by having party and launching the killing firework to celebrate their victory! I can never forgive this damn thing! Not even a molecule of mercy in their heart! These people deserve to die and shall never exists or even being recognize in this earth who gasping for mercy and love of the worldwide community. But, what happen? What can we do to help our relative there? NOTHING!!! Everything is fake and not even last longer. Yeah, we did put some effort by doing charity and donation, but it still not enough to put back the smile on their face, relief...possible though one day soon and I can confirm to you in the name of Allah because that is the truth and already immortalize in the Al-Quran. I am giving my damn best effort to help them in any possible ways and medium and hopefully followed by the blessness of Allah, InsyaAllah the victory of Bani Umaiyyah Simulization the past decades will seems to become true!!! Allahu Akbar!!!
p/s: Knape sumeorang asyik derma ubat and duit jew?! Knape tak derma senjata kat orang2 kat palestin tu so dats deorang leh berjuang and berjihad bermati-matian?!! Bior Amerika plak derma ubat byk2 kat Israel bodo tu!!! Sokong HUJAN, Ludah Amerika!!!

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