Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cool Stuff!!!

I got lots of cool software in my computer even I call my PC age is about 12 years old! But I keep servicing it and upgrade it to familiar Windows XP. Actually I am earning some money of my own so that I can buy my own notebook. Anyway, back to the story. My favorite software is the Sony Ericcson Theme Creator. I hate to use a plain and simple theme on my phone. Since I found this application, it is very useful because now I can personalize my phone with theme of my own picture! It cool when my friends find out my face as phone theme and they ask for me to make it for theme. You know how much I love helping people! So I already made some for my friends and also for my sister and my cousin because both of them use SE W660i and SE W220i. (Anyway, mine is SE Cybershot K550i) Here is some picture of the themes and sneak peak on the software. You can ask for my service and it is totally F.O.C.!

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arm pitt said...

hai aizat..
ko ni mmg best laa..