Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Aku nak DUIT!!!

Actually I was thinking that I really wanted to enjoy this three month holiday with lots of precious excitement thing. I had plan lots of thing like hang out with my friends, buying bunch of DVD, buying my personal laptop and much more! But I just realize that all that is totally impossible without money! How can I get all the money? I cannot ask my mom for money just to fulfill my crazy mission since she also got her own priority on family’s stuff. So, I was thinking of earn some money of my own. So last week I and my cousin hit the Kinta City, fooling around seeking for part time job. We just fill the application form at KFC, Black Canyon, Jusco and Levi’s Boutique. So far we had just finish interview by the Jusco’s Manager as part time promoter. Just now Brenda from the Black Canyon CafĂ© calls me, told us that we are up for interview tomorrow on 4pm. I’m kind of nervous a bit. Hopefully everything will be alright because its is totally out of my expectation for the Jusco interview since I find out that it is so easy to get the job and I accepted. I will be paid for RM3.50 per hour. But I can only start my job on 23 December 2008 and it still along time to wait because my brother needs money A.S.A.P. Since the Canyon already calls for interview, we hope that we can start work early than Jusco’s promotion. Besides, Brenda is kind of cute to! Heehee… Anyway, pray for me so that I can get the job and spend my holiday happily and safely! How about your holiday plan, anyway?

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