Saturday, October 24, 2009

Annual Dinner Diploma Investment Analysis UiTM Perlis. Tema Perkahwinan!

At first, (I gotta feeling...woohooooo!) I never thought it would be a night to remember since our performance from part 1 student was a whole disaster even the high novelty of the hall atmosphere would totally makes people believe that it was an actual wedding function! Besides, I don't even won the lucky draw! Anyhow, things started to get interesting when my friend was chosen as the bride and hot chicks keep on feeding me non-stop!
huahahahaha!!!! (that tonight gonna be a good night!!!)

From left: aiman, aizat, fareeza and someone from debate club which also our senior in Co-Exias

Fareeza (I'm not really sure if that's her real name!lol!) and our Ex-president a.k.a Syrek because he used to love all green outfit! :p

Yuzwan, Aiman and me with the October's birthday's chocolate cake from Asri.

In this picture, actually I told them to pose with the king and queen a.k.a the bride of the night, but apparently even the host(the girl) joining the other part 1 student blocking the pelamin back there! lol! :p

Well, here it is! Unbelievable huh? My very own pal won both of the king n queen of the night! Yuzwan and Fareeza. Even the other hot pretty senior (no offense to the Fara Feera and crony!) didn't get to win the place. haha :p

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